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Kuppelkupp + Kapittel

Island Express by De Naive

17. Sep 2020 KL. 19:00 - 20:30

De Naive - Island Express

In collaboration with the Literature Festival Kapittel, we are proud to present the brand-new performance piece Island Express by the artist group De Naive.

Island Express is a site-specific dance performance which will be performed in the park outside of Stavanger Art Museum.

De Naive consists of the dancers Harald Beharie, Julie Moviken and Charlott Utzig. Their practice is situated in a cross-disciplinary artistic landscape that challenges established structures for how to create and experience art. De Naive is also a democratic and social project that seeks to make dance and performance accessible to the public through fieldwork and active use of public space.

In Island Express, they are collaborating with transdisciplinary artist Karoline Bakken Lund. In her practise, she researches found objects, textiles, crafts and the inherent performative qualities of materials; their relation to space, environment, body and situation. Together they create a hybrid, sculptural and performative work - Island Express.

Photo: Joachim Patinir, Martyrdom of Saint Catherine, ca. 1515.