Family workshop

Jan Groth

04. Jun 2022 KL. 11:30 - 13:00

Welcome to a family workshop at Stavanger Art Museum.

The family workshop 4. June will be a continuation of a group-based activity that was started 14. May. We got inspired by artist Jan Groth and his monumental lines.

What is a line, really? A line could for instance be the start of a very exciting drawing, or it could be used to underline something very important.

And, is the line dependent on a surface, like a sheet of paper, or a wall? Or, could it grow out of the two dimensional world, and into our three dimensional sphere?

We continue to work as a group to create an installation that will stay in Studio NONA. Attendance at the previous workshop is not necessary to join in at the semesters last ordinary family workshop 4. June.


Tickets have to be bought through Ticketco in advance. You have to book one ticket per person that is attending the workshop, and a group can not consist of more than five people. At least one of the people in your group has to be an adult that can assist the children in the activity.

You should register your group at reception within 15 minutes before the event starts. If you do not, the spots may be passed along for drop-in.