Family Workshop


06. May 2023 KL. 11:30 - 13:30

Welcome to a family workshop where we are inspired by artist Shahrzad Malekian's playful universe.

The activity is suitable for the whole family.

This exhibition at NONA is an art installation that invites children—and anyone who has ever been a child—to explore and work together in the spirit of free play. It consists of a group of sculptures in different colours, forms, materials, sizes, and weight. The exhibition explores the dynamic between the artworks and the participating spectators by creating several opportunities for play and interaction. The sculptures can be touched, carried, and used—to build, create combinations, or dress up—in and infinite number of variations. By inviting the audience to become active participants, the artist Shahrzad Malekian incorporates the bodies, knowledge, imagination, and creativity of the audience so that they become part of the artwork. The exhibition is a part of the ongoing art project Participatory Playground, which has been exhibited in different versions and situations in public spaces, kindergartens, and art institutions.

Shahrzad Malekian (b. 1983 in Iran, lives and works in Oslo) makes artworks that use the human body as a starting point. Her work takes the form of performance, video, and sculpture—often in combination. For Malekian the body is both a medium and a tool to explore social, cultural, and political attitudes, norms, and structures. She uses strategies such as participation and collaboration to explore performativity and interaction, at art institutions and in the public sphere.

The exhibition is a part of an exhibition series aimed especially at children and young people at Stavanger Art Museum. Under the umbrella NONA we have invited several contemporary artists to develop a project that uses play as the overall theme and explores the nature of participation, collaboration, and performativity in a museum context.