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Call for papers

Seminar om kunst og feminisme

12. aug. 2018 KL. 00:00 - 00:00

18. og 19. september avholder vi seminar med tittelen Nye perspektiver på feminisme og kunst i de nordiske landene 1970-2018. I forbindelse med seminaret inviterer vi interesserte til å sende inn forslag til innlegg innen 12. august. Utlysningen følger på engelsk:

Call for Papers:

New perspectives on feminism and art in the Nordic Countries 1970-2018

September 18th- 19 th 2018, Stavanger Art Museum

The past decade has witnessed a growing interest in feminist issues in art. A new generation of curators and artists have taken an interest in politics, feminism and the avant-garde of the 1960’s and 70’s (i. e. the Danish group Kvinder på Værtshus) and exhibitions across Europe have shown feminist art or highlighted sexuality and diversity. But despite what seems to be feminist wave, women’s and feminist art is still rarely collected and shown; the SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Collection from Vienna, is an exception. And despite their reputation as equality oriented, the Nordic countries have also done relatively little to explore the characteristics and impact of the feminist movement on art and curating.  

This seminar aims to shed new light on Nordic feminist art and curating from the past 50 years, and we welcome papers highlighting individual feminist artists or artist groups, activist art and curating. Who were the main artists, artist groups, theorists or curators active in the women’s movement in the 70’s and 80’s? Were, and are there still, similarities in the visual rhetoric of art, film, feminist journals, posters and in activism in general? What are the challenges facing curators and museums who wish to explore and re-inscribe women’s art and the feminist movement in art’s histories? How do we deal with feminist issues in art, curating and museum work today? 

Confirmed key note: Gabriele Schor, founding Director of the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, Vienna.

We welcome papers and presentations (20 min.) both by artists, curators and researchers dealing with
feminist, queer, transnational or indigenous perspectives.  

Abstracts (max. 300 words) should be sent by August 12th 2018 to: