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NONA: Jacob Dahlgren

Opening exhibition in NONA

18. Jan 2020 - 31. Dec 2020

The art of Jacob Dahlgren (b. 1970) is characterized by bright colors that are usually combined in stripes or other simple geometrical patterns. His artistic practice is marked by research into the possibilities of nonfigurative art, and he uses himself actively in his experiments. In one ongoing art project, he wears a new striped t-shirt every day. Each day the shirt is documented in a photo that is then included in various art works, photo series, films and paintings. Dahlgren also invites the public to participate actively and to explore the possibilities of nonfigurative art. Among other things, he explores the potential of color and form through workshops and diverse social activities. His works are often made of everyday materials such as rulers, bathroom scales or clothes hangers.

We are delighted to mark the opening of NONA with the very first exhibition of Jacob Dahlgren’s art in a Norwegian art museum. In collaboration with the artist, we have chosen works that reflect on the potential of form and color, and which invite active participation in the experience of art.