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Små Grå / Marianne Heier and Kunstgress

31. Aug 2017 KL. 17:00 - 21:00

7 pm: Chemistry. Concert by Små Grå
8 pm: O. Performance by Marianne Heier and Kunstgress

"What are we doing? Much is built around an idea of cause and effect, but it is still difficult to get a proper overview. And then you meet those guys. And as you stand there, while the eyes are working properly and all the elements involved in his. "

You might be surprised, you might be happy, touched, or a bit confused. Probably it will be an experience out of the ordinary. Små Grå has made Chemistry together with the artist, choreographer and film director Kim Hiorthøy. The four singers Nina Benedikte, May Elise and Ingeborg offers all up this evening and will sing, dance, talk with and improvise to the public.

The concert is presented in collaboration with nyMusikk Stavanger.
Duration: 50 min. 

‘O’ deals with the theme of independence and the dissolution of fixed gender norms. Its starting point is Kitty Kielland’s basic ideas about gender. Heier has been interested in how these ideas come to expression in Kielland’s depictions of Jæren, particularly in the peat bog paintings that show a horizontal undulating landscape. The landscape and the depiction of it – are they gender-neutral? Or can they be linked to male or female qualities? 

In Heier’s work, the furs on the floor resemble a landscape, or a kind of large coherent organism. These are animal skins transformed into clothing for people. They hold connotations to animal protection and environmental issues but are also expressions for feminine glamour and sexuality. The soft furs create a visual contrast to the hard and white stone flooring. Heier allows hierarchies of value and myths about nature to form a backdrop for the work. She views ‘the feminine’ from the inside, as a physical, first-hand experience that forms the self, and not as an object described from the outside or as a deviation from a male norm. Who defines, and who is defined? What is nature, and what is culture? 

The performance plays out in the physical and direct encounter between the dancers’ bodies and the furs, all of which have been purchased from second-hand shops. In this way, the work dialogues with the soft-brown bog landscape and carries the feministic lines of Kielland’s paintings into our own times.  

Duration: approx. 1 hour. 

From the performance O. Photo: Kristine Jakobsen