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Artist Talk

Marianne Heier and Hanne Beate Ueland

30. Sep 2017 KL. 15:00 - 16:00

Welcome to an artist talk with Marianne Heier, led by director Hanne Beate Ueland in the museum auditorium. The talk will be held in Norwegian. Marianne Heier and Kunstgress will be performing their work "O" in the galleries at 2 pm.

Marianne Heier (b. 1969) is a visual artist, educated in Milan and Oslo. Her work is often connected to the tradition of institutional critique, but emerge out of personal engagement and lived experience, rather than a strategic, calculated practice. Questions related to economy and the circulation of value are central throughout her work, with the inherent power of the gift as a recurrent theme. With a critical and humorous approach, she turns the things we tend to think of as “common sense” upside down and gives way to new interpretations and possibilities. The result may be presented in a variety of forms, such as performance, text, installation, or spatial interventions. She often offers her work as gifts to institutions within the art field, thus exposing and challenging hierarchical conventions and power relations. In recent work, she has been collaborating with artists from performative fields, turning her attention to choreography as a mean to explore and challenge ideologically charged spaces. Heier lives and works in Oslo.

The performance and artist talk are free with admission.
Photo: Kristine Jakobsen