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Kuppelkupp: Seminar

The Migrant Crisis that Dissapeared?

24. May 2018 KL. 18:00 - 21:00

More people are leaving their homeland now than at any time since World War II. How has our experience of the so-called migrant* crisis changed from the fall of 2015 to today? How do we relate to the situation regionally?

In light of Candice Breitz’s video Installation LOVE STORY, currently on show at the museum, we invite you to a seminar to discuss the migrant situation from both an international and a local perspective.


  • A representative from the International Organization of Migration (IOM) will hold a talk about the global situation for migrants.
  • Bjørg Tysdal Moe, deputy mayor of Stavanger Municipality, will give us insight into how local politicians relate to national guidelines on questions concerning refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Elisabeth Dyvik, programme director for International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN), Stavanger, will tell about ICORN’s network and residency programme for writers under threat of persecution.
  • Ali Doradi, ICORN author and cartoonist from Iran, tells about his experiences in a refugee camp on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, and his new life in Stavanger.
  • Hassan Guled, from Somalia, shares his experiences as a stateless migrant and his 9 years spent at a Hero Reception Centre.
  • Maab Alashaab, an Iraqi mother of two, shares her experiences of Norwegian society.

Photos by Maab Alashaab and drawings by Ali Doradi will be shown on a large screen in the auditorium.

Tom Hetland, former editor of the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad, is the emcee and programme leader.

The seminar is produced through collaboration between Stavanger Art Museum and the Cultural History Department of Museum Stavanger.

 *The term ‘migrant’ is used to refers to people who move from one country to another, who have not finalized the process of claiming asylum. The term includes war refugees as well people seeking a better life or employment.


KIYOSHI YAMAMOTO - The Sticher Project
In connection with the seminar, Kiyoshi Yamamoto invites you to experience the performance ‘The Stitch Project’.

The Stitch Project is and international art project involving collaboration between the artists and the public. It focuses on dialogue, knowledge sharing, politics and craft.

A 10-metre-long linen cloth is spun with a thread about as long as from Kåfjord to Hebron. We invite you to participate in an interactive performance involving embroidering on this cloth, also plant dying using local plants, and food preparation. In this way, we create opportunities for discussing and sharing knowledge. We introduce craft into new surroundings and converse about contemporary life and politics in new settings. The Stitch Project has been at the Riddu Riddu Festival, in Gaza, at the International Academy of Art Palestine in Ramallah, Tromsø Film Festival, Rom 8 in Bergen, Al mamma Lab in Jerusalem, Fjaler International Theatre Festival, Staamsund Theatre Festival, Nordic House in Reykjavik, Folkets Hus in Kiruna, Sommer Melbu, Survival Kit in Riga, and at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Participating artists: Kiyoshi Yamamoto (JP/BR), Hilde Hauan (NO), Marie Skeie (NO), Britta Marakatt-Laba (SE) and Oyman Salman (Palestine)