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Baby Tour

Join a guided tour with your baby

14. Mar 2018 KL. 11:30 - 12:00

Do you have a child under 1 ½ years old? Bring your child and join us as we explore art at a slower pace and focus on sense experience. Vision is not fully developed at the time of birth, but develops rapidly during a baby’s first year. Physical development and the brain’s ability to interpret sense impressions enable the child to see and comprehend sense impressions progressively better. To share aesthetic experiences and put words to them generates joy and promotes learning for both children and adults.

Welcome to a guided tour of the exhibition Dark Side of the Moon - Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg by museum educator Helga Nyman. Bring a baby carrier so that your child can experience art with you (we also have baby carriers to lend). The museum café is open, should you want to end your visit with a cup of coffee. We have children’s chairs, a changing table and plenty of room for prams.

Please note that the tour will be held in Norwegian. For tours in English, please contact:

Photo: Anne Lise Norheim