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Virtual Kitty

Meet Holo-Kitty and try our new applications

In connection with the exhibition, we’ve developed a three-part virtual-reality project for public involvement:

Holo Kitty is a hologram of Kitty in 1:1 scale, as she paints the picture Interior with the Painter Annette Anker. Several of her most famous paintings are also brought to life through sound and subtly animated elements in the pictures. Experience Holo Kitty by borrowing HoloLens-glasses from the museum receptionist.

Kitty motiv is an app that invites you to help the museum by finding out where Kitty painted her pictures. When you find a place that you think resembles one of Kitty’s landscape paintings, you can take a photo of the place and share it, along with the GPS location and a comment. Other app users can vote whether they share your opinion or not. Later, the museum will use this information when doing more research on the artist.

Kitty filter is an app that allows you to take pictures of yourself, your friends or the surrounding landscape, and then to choose different Kitty-filters to resemble her painting style. The pictures can be shared on social media or on the large screen in the museum’s foyer.